366-days project (Feb 2016-Feb 2017)

My 366-days project was inspired by a friend who took a photo every day and writes something about the photo. She started on 1st of Jan 2016, after liking her few awesome photos, I get envy of her project but didn't think too much about it.

Then, February came. It was my birth month and I started to think about a gift for myself. I asked myself if I wanted another pair of Nike, a good meal at a fancy restaurant or a new phone? No, I told myself that a 31-year-old doesn't need any of those.

The big question is "what do I want for my life?" I thought about it for days before I finally had the answer: "I want something that last long, I want to be better, I want to be wiser".

How am I going to give myself that? Should I read more or register myself to some short courses? But I have been reading since years ago yet I don't feel like I learned a lot or being able to apply it in life.

Somehow, during the days of thinking about the big questions, the 366-days project idea crashed with the urge to learn, then I got the idea for my very own 366-days project.

My 366-days project: to write my thought after reading an article, or a section of a book, or a news report, or anything that means something to me.

The primary objective of this one-year project is to test if I could do something daily and last for a year. However, it brings more than what I expect.

For a year of reading and writing (I often forced myself to read more just to find ideas for writing), it improved my writing and taught me the way to better organize my thoughts. Besides, it improved my memory of what I've read and written.

After one-year of daily writing practice, I felt I have given myself the best birthday gift ever! It's time to start a new 365-days project and I'm going to reveal it on my next birthday!

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