Learning As Adult

Studying in school had never been fun for me. I remembered a language teacher who said my question was too stupid for her to answer; I remembered a teacher who avoids talking to me because my English was not up to the standard she wanted to teach.

Yet, learning has become my favorite activity, now as a working adult.

Technology changed our lives and drive the needs to learn up high that we no longer able to avoid learning new things on a constant basis.

Things changed too fast and we need to learn, unlearn and relearn. "Learn, unlearn and relearn" I first came across with this idea during my first year in the university, my professor keep repeating it even when many of us don't really understand the meaning back then.

Now I figured it out. First, we learn about the basic (says, the basic skill of using the computer), then we unlearn the outdated stuff (for example, the use of diskette as a way to save information), then we relearn the new and trendy stuff (like the use of pen drive and now the Cloud).

As an adult, a working adult, I always faced new challenges. From the use of designing software to suit the need of low-budget marketing strategy for my small business, to the use of programming language to create more interactive learning content for students. I'm on constant needs to learn new skill and knowledge, literally, to be able to survive the competitive markets.

So, how do I learn? I learn to create a system of learning for myself, that suit my learning needs and my learning style. In the process of shaping my learning system, it is both bumpy and windy - full of challenges.

The most crucial element in order to learn effectively, I realized, is self-discipline. Sometimes, you really have to be "cruel" to yourself and set a strict schedule in order to be an effective learner.

After a long journey of learning (which I'm still traveling on), I found the joy and fun of getting myself confused over the unknown and working hard to solve the confusion and create a connection between the new and old experience, just to get myself becoming a better and wiser person.

I wish you all have fun learning new things, getting a bit lost in the big world of knowledge and found the joy in solving every piece of the puzzle.

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